Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Progress Photos on Studio June 5, 2007

From Yahoo Post of June 5th, 2007. Things were happening pretty fast at this point.

The Promised Progress Photos

I promised progress photos and here they are.

My calico cat Wee Willow sits in the window sill between the house and the new studio addition. The window will tomorrow be a French door to continue the light and openness from the studio into the living room. This photo shows some of the electrical wiring I have been so busy with. There were wires beneath where Willow sits that had to be moved and rerouted to continue electrical circuits in the living room after this becomes a door.

This is the southern openings awaiting windows. The black is what they call Ice dam that blocks the seepage of water around the windows and blocks the formation of ice in our winter months. Bottom of openings are one foot six inches from the finished floor so the windows do not have to be tempered glass.

Six windows in. The large picture window arrives tomorrow. Doors arrived this afternoon and will also be installed tomorrow. These are fixed panes. The center one will have a lower 1/4 that will open. There are two really high windows on the north side that open for cross ventilation.

View to the East through the newly installed windows. The opening to the left in the photo will be a French door to be installed tomorrow.

Oh, the addition passed the electrical inspection. Framing inspector comes tomorrow.

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