Wednesday, June 10, 2009

My First Poem Posted on 360

I had written poetry in my 20's and 30's and then got too busy to be reflective, changed over to prose and free lance writing. Even wrote technical manuals. Then I got involved with blogging on Y!360 and there was a Poetry Wednesday tour.

I joined in at first sharing the poems the poets had written and I had merely loved and cherished. Then one day I decided to put pen to paper (poetry is always written thus for me) and came up with the following poem. Not a great effort or earth shattering but it opened the door for me to again write the poetry of my heart.

Y!360 heralded a lot of firsts for me. I joined and became active blogging at a very trying time of my life. I don't think, like some of my friends I made there, that it necessarily saved my life but it definitely enriched it and opened doors I had not realized were there or that I had shut.

Passing the Ball

Balls of knitting wool
Needles, hooks
Twined into textures

Mother taught me to knit
Crochet, sew, embroider
Sat beside me
Upon the couch
Retrieved my dropped stitches
My patterns
With Warmth

Arts shared
Skills taught
Treasures created
Handed down
From Mother to daughter
Intricate patterns
Of Life

I sit now
On the couch
Knitting memories
To keep me warm
A sweater
To show
I learned

See what
My mother taught me
To do
I knit, Crochet
Cross stitch, crewel
And Sew

Of lives
Knitted together
keeping me warm

J. Binford-Bell October 2007


Bee said...

Patterns - I love the patterns of life. The experiences, the highs, the lows, the gains, the losses, the loves, the dislikes, the friendships and the lessons learned. It is essential that we change any patterns in our lives that are of no benefit. My mother was an amazing knitter - not me though. I started a sweater (jumper as they were called in those days) my first term at boarding school. Five years later when I came to pack my trunk for the last time, i was still only half way up the back! Great read today.

thebutler said...

Good times, good memories, my friend.