Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Clouds Illusions and Studio Progress?

June 2007: The tin finally went on the roof. Went though days of rain with only plastic protecting my tongue and grove ceiling. At this juncture they still have not totally finished. Nor have they taken off the old roofing up to the wall of the second story and replaced it. When that happened all hell broke loose. A contractor fell through my ceiling and made a huge hole in the living room. Everything had to be moved.

They dropped a hammer through another place. There were promises to repair it when the sheet rock was being done but that did not happen.

A lot of discontent began happening between the June 5th progress photo and this juncture. They had delivered to my place twice the amount of tongue and grove needed for the ceiling. Sixty-one 16 foot boards to be exact. And it made me start looking at all the extra materials laying around including foundation forms for another whole addition. I had been told by the contractor that billings would go down because it was all labor mostly. Everything pricey was already suppose to be gotten by me or the contractor. When you combined his bills and what I paid for like earth work, windows and doors, and electrical wiring costs were well over $100 per square foot quoted which was an increase from the $50 per square foot we began with.

And the crew walked off. No work at all was done for over two weeks.

And Yahoo started having issues! If you will note the last sentence I had trouble posting this. And I was squashed into one half of my living room and a bedroom with all my computer stuff. And I was having computer issues.

From Yahoo post of June 21, 2007

It as been a while since I have posted a progress report on the studio. Not that there has not been progress. It just has not been as exciting when the walls went up and the windows went in. But today the crew was here working on the eaves. Also the rock was delivered for the interior.

The delivery truck struck the satellite and knocked it out of whack. Bye bye network connections. Turns out one of my carpenters used to do computer work so he tweaked it back. I needed to chill so I took the camera out to take progress photos
and was immediately diverted by the clouds.

But I persevered and walked around to the back to get that slant on the eaves. More clouds.

Finally got the following photo which shows he roof complete but it is not a great photo of the studio because I was subconsciously focusing on the clouds.

Work was called a short time later because of the following thunderhead.

A lot of flash bang but not much rain. Then the new computer monitor arrived. I works but the desktop has been moved for the next month or two upstairs away from the sheet rock and construction dust. It is supposedly wireless ready and I even think I initially ran it that way when I had it an my old computer running during data transfer. But it does not seem to want to recognize the wireless network. I can't even get that little wireless icon to show up.

Guess tomorrow it s call HP tech support. I really love to do that. Or see if my carpenter can figure it out. Or go hat in hand to the computer nerd next door and admit I am not the guru on computers that I am with electricity.

This is the second time I have tried to post this blog. Yahoo keeps eating it. Once more with feeling.

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