Thursday, June 11, 2009

On My Own Now With Studio

I think what is marvelous about this whole conflict was I found out what I could do. And I blogged about what I was doing and got the affirmations of all my blog friends. I needed that encouragement. I was out of money, felt cheated by a man that had been a friend, and had a huge mess on my hands.

Progress photos - August 05, 2007

Got the studio completely cleared of all the contractor stuff and then promptly loaded it down with my stuff as this photo shows. It has been utilized as a staging area for work being done on the living room.

After the contractor fell through the ceiling in the living room I decided to take off all the 1970's texture, re-texture and paint the ceiling while the room was already in chaos. And as one thing leads to another it seemed a good time to paint the eastern wall where the door to the studio is. I like the concept of one dramatically differently painted wall to add depth to the room.

So, I am not known for tidy workspaces. But the good news is that I have begun sketching out four new paintings. Still have that October fair looming. This table will ultimately move to the studio but given its state of float, sand, float some more, sand some more not a good place to paint works of art.

This is the connecting French door now stained with Red Oak Mini Wax. And while I was at it I refinished the little step stool and the oak computer desk. computer is still upstairs. See previous discussion of sheet rock dust which you will not on the chair. The trim work on this door was accomplished with my new DeWalt compound Miter saw. I have noted it does not prevent my from totally reversing the cut but I can do that so much faster.

Totally off the subject: the following photograph is of my standard Poodle Mardi Gras. I think she is my supervisor on this job. Every time I look around she is lying somewhere close observing progress. She would like me to mention she doesn't ordinarily wear pink but the groomer put that on her and we have a contest about how long she can keep it on. Magique got rid of hers in two days.

Now I only have to get the studio done and catch the Labradoodle Magique still enough to capture on camera.

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