Thursday, June 4, 2009

A pause to reflect

I feel motivated this morning to pause in the process of merely transferring blogs from Y!360 - my first ever public journal - to reflect upon the whole blog experience.

Y!360 was ever so much more than a blog platform. And that becomes so evident when you sort through in an effort to decide the importance of a particular post. Or the comments on that post. Who made those comments is lost in a lot of cases because they have closed their pages and moved on. Soon all the pages will be closed. I am reminded of college graduation. Once it was over I totally lost track of so many of those people that I had called friends along the path to what I really thought was my sole goal.

Goals are important. As are milestones. But I really think who we shared even a portion of the journey with may be the most important aspect. And here in blogland as in our memories sometimes they become faceless occupiers of a vague space in our memory. Or just the words they said at a time we needed to hear them.

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