Saturday, August 22, 2009

Saturday - the week thus far

I am not fond of weeks that seem to be governed by the to do list. But such has been this week. And no there is not an end to it because we have reached the weekend. Today I need to begin making frames. Five frames for sure.

I have reached the flex part of the list. I have done three new paintings. Five would have been nice. Those three need framed plus frames for the two I took out of the gallery to frame with the promise of bringing them back. Those five will be the core of the exhibit for Thursday - to be hung on Wednesday. Then there are five more paintings I will pull out of the studio to go with them. At the moment it all seems doable.

One of the drawbacks to living in a rural community is now Lowe's Home Center. The local hardware/lumberyard is not open on Sunday. Ergo to stay within my schedule I need to know by 2:30 if I will need more wood for the frames. Monday just would not give me adequate time for glue to dry. May hop buy more just to be on safe side.

So I have been busy painting! And busy dealing with allergies - mine and Mardi Gras's. Anyone have a dog with allergies? They try to lick themselves to death I swear. And Mardi is the most noisy licker. In the quiet of the studio while trying to concentrate on painting comes this endless repetitive noise. Reminds me of my brother eating cereal. I swear he could crunch and slurp oatmeal. Mardi and I have been sharing the Benedryl.

Mardi and Magique were buffed and fluffed on Wednesday. They are beautiful and soft and sticker free for about 24 hours. Now I am fanatic about getting every new sticktight out of their soft coats.

I must have astro traveled last night because I woke up with Magique holding me down. She literally stands over me pinning me to the bed. And if I don't wake up she lies down on top of me. Escaping from my todo list? I did give myself a break yesterday afternoon and got with some friends to chat. But it was a scheduled chat that required I return to the list rather like Magique was requiring I return to my body.

If I get done what I need to do today there will be some air to breathe in the next couple days. That will be good. The fall air, even with fall pollens, is nice.


RD said...

Best to you and all your goals being met. Yes, it is indeed allergy season and Gemma and I suffer endlessly. There are times I'd like to join her on the floor and just scratch away. We too share the Benedryl. Puts us both to sleep. We often need to take those mini breaks..return with newfound energy. Good luck. Have a wonderful weekend.

heatherbelle said...

Strangely enough I find something quite comforting about having a "to do" list
Any thoughts?

Jacqui Binford-Bell said...

Yes, they can be quite comforting if rational. They are anchors in turmoil. They define what is your responsibilities and by that nature what are not.

And they give satisfaction as you mark things complete.

thebutler said...

You sound so upbeat about your upcoming
exhibit this week, not in a panic about
anything and I think that's so cool!
You go girl! AND, hope you sell every
piece you take!