Saturday, August 29, 2009

Foto Friday and Friday Five

And I know it is no longer Friday! I actually took this photo on Wednesday to post on Friday and then forgot. It is not a wonderful photo except that it represents one of those isolated moments when three of my pets were unaware of me or the camera. They are out on the studio yard enjoying each other and the delightful weather. The dogs have their new buff and fluff dos. And Willow, the calico, looks like she is chatting with them about the vole hunt this season.

To tie in with this Kwika brought over the Friday Five from Multiply to her Under the Cabbages Blog. It was one of my favorite theme days on the old 360. The hostess to the Friday Five vanished from 360 before anyone else practically. Anyway this week's Friday Five is: "If you could have 5 animals where you live and your circumstances would allowed it and you could afford it what five animals would you like to have as a pet?"

As a pet owner all my life I am probably going to be all too practical.

1. Dogs. I love standard poodles and labradoodles. My dogs have to be intelligent and not boring and these two breeds fill the bill but one of the things I like about my pet sitting is I get to have transient relationships with lots of different breeds. All have their pluses.

2. Cats. Clearly cats. I have four at the moment (took the two Siamese of my dying friend). I like only two generally but I have been know to fall madly in love with stray kittens from time to time. As my black cat, the Darkness, is also a Siamese I am currently rather top heavy on this very vocal and opinionated breed of domestic cat. Wee Willow in the picture above is my favorite. Shhh, don't tell the others. Calicos have great personalities. It is hard to not love a Calico. But I have had Persians and a Maine Coon too. Cab I trade two of the Siamese in for one Maine Coon?

3. Fish. Thought various parts of my life I have owned and managed aquariums. Large aquariums. My last was 75 gallons. I currently am aquariumless but given the time would love to have a new tank - Salt water I think. Or just a smaller one with two ciclids. Watching them build sand nests and keep the fry in their mouths is fascinating.

4. Geese. I have had geese before. They are not as easy as one thinks especially when all the dogs in the neighborhood want to kill them. But if I could totally fence my property I would have geese again. I love watching geese communicate with each other. Great group dynamic. And if I could afford to line my seasonal pond with plastic so it would be year round they could swim.

5. Cockatoo. If you don't know me and have not been to my various pages with parrot avatars you probably don't know this about me. I have never owned a cockatoo but almost bought a peach one once. As a kid I had bundges. We called them parakeets here in the us. I like watching birds. I court wild birds. My yard is filled with birds in spite of the cats.

The geese and cockatoo will probably remain wishes because they will definitely out live me. Geese can live to 100. Most parrot breeds are extreme long livers. Some days I worry who will adopt my cats and dogs.


Kwika said...

I enjoyed fish keeping in England even cleaning the tanks.

You said "Some days I worry who will adopt my cats and dogs."

Jacqui you must think positive. You will likely outlive them all :o)

Bee's Blog said...

I loved reading this and am pleased that Friday Five is back.

Rabbits (not terribly keen o this one but when you have children it's better than a gerbil or hamster!)

heatherbelle said...

I must slip over to Kwika's page and catch up with the Friday Five..

I am an animal lover and would have everything if it were left up to me..I miss my chooks and sheep which I just loved when I was down south...maybe sometime in the futuer...who knows.