Saturday, August 15, 2009

Friday Foto and Story

Real Estate Offering: Airy homestead style shotgun home with semi-attached mother-in-law apartment and outside plumbing. A handyman's delight. Easy access to Hwy 434 for commute to Taos. Off the grid with great possibilities for wind and solar energy options. Sits on Black Lake meadow once used to film the Montana scenes from Lonesome Dove. The views are to die for.

In the final months of our beloved Y!360 I started posting pictures of real estate offerings in my area. There are quite a few. This area and others in New Mexico were settled by the 1862 Homestead Act. A person willing to build a home and fence the property and do improvements could claim rights to 160 acres of land after 10 years. Here in Black Lake the Trujillo family, land grant excluded from the Taos area, came here and took up the challenge.

After receiving deeds to the property they removed fences and joined them all together into one of the largest ranches in the area at that time. They were the original founders of Black Lake. Descendants still own property in the area although they have sold off small sections for development. My land was once part of the Trujillo Ranch.

It was while taking photographs of my neighborhood that my sister, her husband, and I discovered there is a Bald Eagle (or pair) residing and hunting in this area. We think since Black Lake is not a huge body of water which they generally prefer they are temporary residents during the blue/green algae bloom at nearby Eagle Nest Lake. Some tourists you just have to love!

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heatherbelle said...

I've always had a passion for real estate which is probably why I have lived in so many different houses. I never stopped looking.

A bit of work needed on this one....