Monday, August 17, 2009

Monday Morning Chat - Garden Update

We have had a couple freezing nights and so suddenly the growing season is over. There will, no doubt, be a delightful Indian summer ahead but major progress on growth is basically at a halt. I started my new flower/herb garden late in the growing season so had not expected much. But yesterday when I went out to plant some petite mums I rescued from Wal-Mart's garden section I was surprised.

The columbines I transplanted in July went through some transplant shock but are making a full recovery. And the poppies (plant in lower right of center) which I purchased small for economy sake are almost doubled in size. Not sure they will be large enough to produce blooms next year but maybe a blossom or two. The gold and deep rust red mums add fall color. Hard to kill a mum so I am pretty confident they will make it through winter.

The biggest surprise in my new flower/herb garden is the rosemary. This hanging variety was dying in my studio. And for the first week after its "rescue" location outside (still in hanging pot) I figured I might still lose it. But it surprised me and flourished so I transplanted it. It has gone wild. It is now a creeping rosemary bush and is almost two feet across. Might have to cover it with straw for it to survive the winter. Any thoughts fellow gardeners?

Still have not finished rock garden around pond or the rock edging but progress has been made on latter and I am still thinking out my approach on the former. I want it to include a large white Hansa rose bush to the right of the water feature.


bekkieann said...

I love those garden surprises. That's mostly how I find out what to plant in my yard. I have no experience with rosemary, so I'll be interested to find out what you learn. The mums will survive almost anything and can always be counted on for fall color. They are coming on right now with this cool weather (not yet freezing here). I want to add some of those poppies. The bloom is short but spectacular and a nice complement to longer-bloomers. I love your garden plot.

Jacqui Binford-Bell said...

Thanks for your compliments. Means a lot since your were my inspiration on this lasagna garden. Incidentally an avid gardener friend of mine stopped by recently and complimented me on it. I was shocked because her yard is so perfect.

All the on line info says the rosemary ought to make it if covered with straw. Time to find a couple bales to have on hand. Figured I would just cover the whole bed though I know the poppies and columbines survive well.

Kwika said...

Oh if it's that cold there spring is here admittedly the days are warmer and I did away with my electric blanket last night:) My garden is still too cold but Gerbera is flowering and some bulb things I plonked in last year and forgot about.

heatherbelle said...

I guess we're pretty lucky here as although I personally complain about the winter weather it is nothing in severity compared to where you live.
Consequently most plants survive without much extra attention. Keeping them alive in summer poses a far greater problem.
Finances permitting, I am hoping to get a couple of pots and vegetable seedlings sometime this week.