Friday, August 21, 2009

Friday Foto and Story

If you click on the photo you can enlarge it. This was taken with a 300 mm zoom lens on an evening jaunt around the neighborhood. The Bald Eagle is hunting for prairie dogs in a field less than a mile from my house. That is pretty spectacular in and of itself. But the next day we either saw another a few miles away or this one again.

If you look up habitat for Bald Eagles you will see my area isn't it. They like tidal estuaries or large bodies of water. There are two lakes within flying distance of where I took this picture and one has reported mated pairs of Bald Eagles in residence. Think my friend just wanted a change in diet? Eagle Nest lake that week was having a blue/green algae bloom which is toxic to all manner of things. Perhaps the eagle knew.

But I would like to think a pair has taken up residence at nearby Black Lake and hunts in the meadows and fields around it. That means I will see this majestic bird again.


heatherbelle said...

This photo looks like a painting Jacqui.

thebutler said...

I agree with Heatherbelle; beautifully
captured photo, Jacqui.