Thursday, August 27, 2009

How Many Blogs is Too Many?

I have always believed in moderation in all things including moderation even though I don't believe I have yet to achieve that. I am a creature of extremes always striving for that balance of Ying and Yang. So my question for the day is how many blogs is too many.

I began this blogging journey earnestly in January of 2007. Then one blog was enough. It was enough until rumors of 360's collapse loomed and also until the presidential campaigns. I strove to for diversity and decided to open a Blogspot account to post my political views. Thus came Travels with Charley. Creative Journey was second. The thought behind CJ was to separate out my paintings and poetry to a dedicated location. This allows me to link to my website for my paintings without turning off a client with my political or personal opinion.

This blog, Chats with Charley II, is a replacement of the now defunct Y360, and dedicated to chattering with friends. So why then Sidetracked Charley? It is for the topics that don't fit in any of the above. Once you begin to separate blogs by topics you have entered a slippery slope. I realized this when browsing the profiles of some of my Blogspot friends I follow. Many of them have at least two and often three or four blogs through Google alone. And just recently a one blog friend opened a second page just for her poetry. Not a bad idea since she would like to some day get it published and she has one link to put in e-mails to publishers.

That started the idea of a Goats Don't Eat Zucchini blog. I write a cooking column for a small local paper. The title comes from a cookbook I was going to put together on living, gardening, and cooking in the mountain west. It was going to contain essays about that along with recipes. Several people have been urging me to self-publish (it was taken by a small publisher at one time but dropped when hard times hit). So wouldn't it make sense to post a blog with that title and put in the essays and recipes to generate interest?

But is this one blog too many?


Bee's Blog said...

I go from one extreme to the other in many things.

Also there was a time when I'd be on a total high or a rock bottom low - even in childhood. There was nothing in between which i realize now was depression.

One blog too many? I have two as you know on Blogger. Bee's Blog covers what used to be on 360 and the more serious now on Bee Upfront and Serious. They export to Multiply. It has been something of a challenge to get back into blogging after the close of 360 and I find it less and less easy, in my busy work life to keep up with my friends. It upsets me that I have to be choosy but at the moment, between not having Internet at home and my workload, I have to make hard choices. But you are not a hard choice!

We never knew about the cookery column - at least I didn't. Cannot wait to hear more about that

heatherbelle said...

Mmmm..I run hot and cold with my blogging depending what else is going on at any given time. At the moment having trouble keeping up with one.
The cooking sounds good..I used to have a column in a local paper when living in New covered things from healthy eating and how to look after yourself physically and mentally when living as an expat in an under developed country...gosh that was years ago.