Thursday, July 16, 2009

Word Thursday - Dulcet

One of the many community based themes I got involved with on Y!360 was Word Thursday. There was a Word Thursday, an Art Sunday, Poetry Wednesday, Movie Monday, Friday Five, Book Tuesday and Song Saturday. It drove you nuts if you tried to participate in all of it.

Several of my 360 friends are here now that 360 is but a memory. Nicholas V is now Intelliblog. He generally has a blog up for many of the days of the week. Dangerous Meredith is the Adventures of Dangerous Meredith here and she has a post for Word Thursday. Bee at Bee's Blog posted for Poetry Wednesday as did I on Creative Journey where I have decided to keep alive Poetry Wednesday in its new Multi-blog form.

I used to be a fanatic about Word Thursday but I am realizing that was in part because I used it as a vehicle to slam GW Bush. And as Nixon said, "we don't have him to kick around any more." Though to be frank his V.P. is still very much a target. But I now have Travels With Charley for my political rants. So to do Word Thursday or no? I think I will.

My friend Lynn who is on Profiles and Blogger did a post this morning about the movie August Rush (now out on DVD and available on Netflix). She posted a video which fits into no particular theme but gave rise to the word Dulcet for me.


1. Pleasing to the ear; melodious; harmonious.
2. Generally pleasing, soothing, or agreeable.
3. (Archaic) Sweet to the taste.

If you want to catch up with our most famous songster, the nightingale, just visit Minsmere at the end of April, or early May, and stand on the edge of the car park. You'll soon hear the dulcet tones of the poets' favourite bird.
-- Stephen Moss, "Birdwatch", The Guardian, October 23, 2000

Amanda . . . rages at her young 'uns in a voice that may have been full of dulcet notes when she turned the heads of her gentleman callers in her youth, but has now grown hard-edged and ringing, like a cracked bell.
-- Hal Hinson, Washington Post, November 11, 1987

Just as my eyelids started to get heavy and my brain began to relax its hold on wakefulness -- bam! -- the less than dulcet tones of Britain's top breakfast DJ started to emanate from my radio alarm.
-- "Secs in the City", The Guardian, July 30, 2001

Dulcet comes from Old French doucet, diminutive of dous, "sweet," from Latin dulcis, "sweet."

Aaah, the dulcet tones of the morning birds here in Black Lake as the sun makes its appearance over the mountain to the east.

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Bee's Blog said...

I think Word Thursday is good although I did not participate that often. I remember doing 'dyslexia' when I was furious with a British MP who had decided there was no such thing!

I like dulcet and normally use the word with 'tones'. maybe I should expand my vocabulary but I do know what 'wallah' is and explained the background of it on DM's Word Thursday!