Monday, July 20, 2009

Monday Morning Chat Over Coffee

Some scientist has probably already researched this but I found myself wondering this morning if flocks of birds of a certain species contain a stable membership during a season. Or when flock one meets flock two do they all become confused and fly off with the wrong flock? And do younger members of a flock lag and loose out on the direction everyone is heading? Do big storms forever break up a flock?

If the membership of Y360 was a flock then it certainly has been scattered to the four winds as it were. Some of us came at least temporarily to rest on the wires of Yahoo Profiles because our nests (blogs) were moved there. But more and more it seems we are reforming in other locations to become different flocks all be it smaller. And collecting lone birds from other flocks. Some are flying from flock to flock not knowing quite where they want to settle.

I am here. I love here. More and more I love here. And just yesterday I began to settle into Facebook beyond my previous five second rule. I've let the Twitter flock sail off into the horizon. Given the hacking going on there not sure I even want to return to close the account.

Beyond blogland I have been working on buffing and fluffing the studio and had three women stop in yesterday to see if I was open. Wasn't but did. I have my first student today. Bit nervous about that. I have my expectations and she has hers I am sure. Learned that when I was teaching skiing and dance and various self-actualization workshops.

My sister is coming up tomorrow so as soon as student is out the door time to buff and fluff other areas of the neglected residence. I am anxiously awaiting a delivery of art supplies ordered on line recently. I am going to begin stretching my own canvases again. I say again because I did that while getting my fine arts degree in college. Lately have celebrated that you can buy them pre-stretched these days. But the economy and that I am making my own frames is changing my perspective.

I am beginning to feel comfortable in my new flock here in Blogger. And the 360 strays I joined in Facebook are a happy bunch with a few new birds in that group too. So if I had to answer my opening question I would say flocks are always in a state of flux. What do you think?

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Bee's Blog said...

This bird is seriously flapping her wings but hovering. I think Blogger will ultimately be the overhead wire on which I perch. I like the climate and there would be no need to migrate.
It's wonderful that you already had three 'visitors' and I cannot wait to hear how your day went. Don't be nervous - you're a pro but then again, when the butterflies stop, there is something wrong - an over confidence which is not a good thing either. Everything will be just great.