Saturday, July 25, 2009

Saturday Sum Up

On the old Y360 Saturday was typically my day to sum up the week. This one was particularly fun as my sister arrived on Tuesday afternoon with her Jeep Rubicon and we went were people do not often go. One of those places yesterday was a high meadow balanced on the ridge between the Moreno Valley and the Taos Volcanic plateau. As we entered the meadow we saw an elk and then two.

While patiently waiting for them to get closer for a better picture we heard the high pitched bugling of cows and calves and turning saw the ears of a huge herd going around behind us just over a low hill. Soon some appeared in a clearing in the forest on the edge of the meadow. They stopped a waited.

As their numbers increased they began to move off into the shelter of the trees twenty to fifty at a time while still calling to those behind us and out of sight.

I am told that such events in Celtic legend signal a lucky year ahead. Both my sister and I could use such a year after a not-so-great winter of our discontent behind us. And in truth there are some indications that my luck is indeed turning. The opening of the studio and the 3 T's Trail at last is only one mile post of better days ahead. As frequent readers know there was the Best of Show award at the Red River Fine Arts and Wine Festival coupled with good sales. And satisfactory sales at the Artsfest Show.

I just traded a painting for twin beds for the apartment which makes me one step closer to having that outfitted as a vacation rental. Getting really close to having that done. Still looking for a kitchen table and chairs. Won the battle with the electric utility co-op here. Seems I was right about my meter reading wrong. Not that they have gone back and readjusted any past bills, but the last one was more inline with previous years at least.

I am nearing the completion of my four years of debtor's prison - Chapter 13 - with three more payments to make. Then lo and behold they sent me a check for $87 with no explanation. Friends think that signals I am done with my obligation already and paperwork will follow.

The biggest thing of the last week as far as blogland is concerned is my reaching totally FED UP with Profiles. I am only posting links to my other blogs there in the status message. A friend tells me they are still working on improvements. If that is indeed the case I may go back but for now, friends, Blogger is where it is at for me.


heatherbelle said...

Very quiet at profiles...hardly worth the effort at the moment.

So nice to be able to spend time with your Sister.
One of the wonderful things to come out of my recent experience is the time I've spent with my Sister. Usually worlds apart on just about everything,she has been my greatest supporter.
Perhaps we will finally put behind us things in the past which have wedged a barrier between us. Which just goes to show you, every cloud has a silver lining.

Jacqui Binford-Bell said...

Yes, it is a dark cloud indeed that does not have a silver lining. And so often our misunderstandings which separate us are based not on what was said but what remained unsaid behind the "spat." I wrote about that on Travels with Charley this morning.

Communication is not an easy art form. But if the friendship is worth having it is worth taking the time and talking it out. Or just give each other a "get out of jail free card" and move on.

bekkieann said...

On my bulletin board behind my desk I post almost nothing anymore, but I still have a little Mary Englebreit picture torn from a calendar years ago. It is of a girl dressed like those old cartoon characters of decades ago, who wore sandals and long robes and a "sandwich" sign declaring "The End Is Near", only in this case her sign reads "The Beginning Is Near!" I love this hopeful thought, that despite what we have been through, good things lie ahead and they are just starting right now.

I wish you all the best in the coming year. It sounds like you have turned a corner.

Recovering Teacher said...

You seem to be doing your best to get me to visit your neck of the woods. That must have been such an amazing experience to be surrounded by elk. The closest I've ever come to that is a startled mule deer on a trail in the mountains here.

I do hope these are signs of better things to come for you. I could sure use some of that in my life. Best to you.

Bee's Blog said...

An event to behold dear one which means that the tide has indeed turned and everything is coming up roses. You deserve it.