Monday, July 27, 2009

Monday Morning Chat Over Coffee

July is a busy time in the highlands. Lots of tourists which also means lots of events various organizations what volunteers for and lots of things to do outside like gardening and mowing. To this mother nature adds the monsoon season which brings us afternoon and evening rains from the clouds created during the heat of the day.

It makes for spectacular sunsets as I posted on my Facebook wall. And if it rains through the night some very spectacular dawns like the one above. Yesterday we got it all - sunrise, sunset and a double rainbow. So I was constantly having to set aside what I was doing to grab the camera and record another awesome moment.

Sunday is my day off and I never plan to do much and yesterday I didn't. I played on the computer posting new blogs with slide shows I created at FlickR with some of the many pictures I took while four-wheeling with my sister this last week. I did manage some minor "putting to rights" about the house. Today I hope to get back to my studio to actually finish those paintings I have begun. And work on some sketches for new ones I have been considering.

How was your weekend?

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Bee's Blog said...

Beautiful photo as always.

My weekend?? You know how it is with my weekends - when I'm not working I try to play housewife, wife and mother - not necessarily in that order. This weekend added nurse to my list as husband has a cold and is coughing so you know he thinks he has double pneumonia! Daughter stepped back to avoid a speeding car and went into one of the thousands of pot holes that adorn our city roads. She was on her way to work. She was not wearing 5" heels for some reason but trainers (sneakers - why do Brits call them 'trainers'??) but that did not stop her spraining her ankle very badly. I gave her instructions over the phone but you know how they will not listen and ten hours later, i saw a very bruised and swollen ankle. She insists there is nothing broken because she can walk on it! I know someone who 'could walk on it' for weeks until she discovered that there were broken bones in the ankle!!
So is it time for me to write an "Our House" blog here on Blogger????