Monday, January 18, 2010

Monday Morning Chat Over Coffee - Catch up with status

Magique and Mardi on a Runabout

The snow is melting off and the exposed ground has become rather powdery. A sign that we could use more moisture, but for the moment the dogs really love the almost spring like days. The big plus being that I take them for longer walks. Beginning tomorrow we have four days of rain and snow mix. Rain during the days which are scheduled to be in the 40's F. and snow at nights.

I had my trial date with the suit from the contractor from hell scheduled for  this coming Wednesday but the court clerk messed up the judge's calendar and it had to be put off until March 19th. Driving weather to Raton (1 1/2 drive through a mountain pass and across a windswept plain) would not have been good. I did really want this over two year ordeal out of my life, but as we are all prepared for trial I essentially get a two month recess from the stress. Two months when I really, really need to paint and get ready for the summer art season.

The weather has also made me want to start on spring cleaning. My plan this year is to do it in stages - room at a time - instead of breaking my back in an attempt to do it all in a day or two. But then snow this week may kill this thorough cleaning urge. It does require in my mind the opening of windows and the airing of throw rugs, etc.


Becky Stauffer said...

Oh, doesn't that sound good - to open up the windows? Too soon here. It's snowing today. We have the same forecast as you with rain and snow and temps in the high 30's or low 40's. It does make us start to think of spring.

I'm in the process of doing that cleaning you speak of. One room at a time makes sense. i've been doing more of a general decluttering and reorganization. I'm finding that I have too many different places for keeping the same things and i'm trying to have a single place for each type of thing.

Bee's Blog said...

Do you recall how at the beginning of 2009 I wrote in my first blog of the year that I was de-cluttering - things and people that weren't necessary in my life?? It went so well that I'm still doing it.

I can feel the thrill the fur kids are feeling - the photo catches the mood perfectly.

The CFH?? Put him to the back of your mind - there is little you can do between now and the new date. You seem to have the whole thing sorted out so concentrate on creativity, decluttering at leisure and throwing in the odd bowl of ice cream!