Monday, January 4, 2010

Monday Morning Chat Over Coffee - Winter Depression

I am depressed. The holidays can do that for you except in this particular instance I think the holidays have actually helped prevent me from being more depressed. Good times were had with friends and that helped lift my gloomy mood. The year just ended was a bummer for more than just me. I have cautious hopes for 2010 but January can be a real downer so I am working on a game plan to help.

This list of ten words that have been missing from my life lately came about on my gift of a totally private blog where I can journal privately and rant and rave. It seemed rather too good to not share.
  • Light. Sunshine where possible but actually turning on some of those low energy bulbs and making it not so dark before dawn.
  • Warmth. Turn a heater or two on now and then to bring up the temperature. Especially in the bedroom and the mornings on the computer. I have cut my kilowatt per day usage over last winter by 1/3rd and that has made only 7 cents savings.
  • De-clutter. I have been living in this little circle of light surrounded by mess and covered over with blankets. No room to move. All cornered in literally and emotionally.
  • Positive plan for January and the year ahead. This would be a good time to really explore subject matter in paintings. I have the canvas and the paints and just need to buy stretcher bars though I have quite a lot at the moment. So I need to entertain myself cheaply but still have projects to do. Creative de-cluttering would be another thing to put on the schedule.
  • Finances. Allow myself to "waste" on a special little gift to self from time to time. Come up with aggressive self-promotion plan to increase sales and earnings in my studio. Delete the word budget as it is very depressing.
  • Escape. Plan day trip out of valley and away from everything by myself (dependent upon weather and workability of vehicle).
  • Exercise. Some bit of it daily and three days a week longer workout. Get Yoga back at least once a week. Endorphins is a good why to improve ones mood.
  • Diet. Don't want to quit that though I realize it does cause stress. But being overweight is not helping mood either. So will continue to strive to lose weight but not beat myself up over not losing fast enough.
  • Think positive. Affirmations all around have worked in past. Reinstate this practice.
  • Play. Whether it is games on the computer or non-sense in the studio or a lunch out with friends
This list can be added to but if it gets too long it can be depressing in and of itself.And some of the things on it may not apply to you. But to begin the year in a positive fashion I encourage you to use this as a basis of your own list.

Do you suffer from winter or holiday depressions? What works for you?


Cyn said...

For exercise, if you can, do the 5 Tibetans Rites

You might not be able to do them all at the beginning, but once I stuck with it, I can now almost do all of them and they only take a few minutes a day.

Take a few minutes each day for mediation. I listen to Bach of all things.

I find Tai Chi fun like Yoga.

For positive affirmation each day, the 81 numbers of Tao helps me.

As to the plan to market your paintings...List your websites/blogs on the directory at free, leave your business cards every where you go, give away a free painting--a small one--people enter by sending you an email with whatever you want in the subject line-this helps to build your mailing list, if your local television, radio, etc., news stations show or have local people segments on them, schedule for an interview--if you don't know ask, I have done this and it helps to promote you. Don't promote your paintings, promote your brand (YOU). Make as many contacts as possible and keep in touch with those contact---many will be your repeat customers. Do a video and put it on youtube, google videos, yahoo videos--talk about you, your art, and what your art can do for the buyer--or maybe you take your proceeds or a percentage and donate it to your favorite charity.

Contact me via email and we can brainstorm some

heatherbelle said...

I think we can all slip into depression from time to time and sometimes without knowing what the cause is. For you and I, the last year has been by anyone's standards, difficult.
My counsellor told me that depression is anger held within.
Perhaps you need a punching bag.

Ien in the Kootenays said...

Seasonal depression? Oh goodness yes. OK, not clinical depression, but the blues and the blahs most definitely. Ask me how I am, and you get a weather report. Winters are GREY here. Since you mention clutter, do you know FlyLady? In spite of the occasional christian talk, I love the woman. Those little reminders in the email to build a routine do help. You can do anything for 15 minutes!
Yoga, good food. I recently added Camu Camu to my almost-daily regimen and find it useful to lift mood AND control appetite. I bought a kilo to share with a friend, way cheaper than capsules.
The store gives you a 6% rebate at some point if you become an affiliate. If you do order this, I would earn 3 dollars or so, I hope you can forgive that. Great place.