Monday, January 11, 2010

Monday Morning Chat Over Coffee - Internet Irritation

I got so irritated with the Internet yesterday I signed off my computer! Everyone on Facebook was playing those silly little games. Yesterday it was pillow slams or something. I hate seeing my wall cluttered up with all that. Okay, I am a bit compulsive on my "blog" pages. And then all the comments on my blog about China on Travels with Charley careened off into me slamming teachers. NOT. And in spite of my expressed wish to not discuss the court case for the entire weekend everyone else seemed to want to. This obsession seemed to manifest itself in chats on FB or Yahoo messenger. Before I turned off the computer at mid day I had four chat windows open.

And people accusing me of ignoring them. And not heeding brb or brwy. I could not get off the computer fast enough. Nor did I get back on until this morning. And I am flying cloaked.  My sister just called me to check that I was alive. Yes, I am alive but just acutely aware of the communication issues inherent with Mercury in Retrograde. Even Yahoo IM doesn't seem to understand my need to fly under the radar and keeps shutting down. When I bring it back up it of course wants me visible to the world.

Just a bit of notice to my friends. I am going to be flying low for a few days. I am not available for chats or am I welcoming those stupid things posted on my FB wall or those e-mails that have to be sent to 30 friends in 30 seconds. Nothing personal. My interests are just elsewhere at the moment.


Becky Stauffer said...

A word of advice on the FB game postings that appear on your wall, if you click "Hide" next to the post, you will get the option of hiding either that person or the game. I hide all games except the ones I play. Of course, new games come along all the time, but you only have to hide them once. It will save a lot of frustration.

I'm assuming you are clicking on Chat on FB (lower right corner) and selecting "Go Offline". That status stays that way until you click Chat again.

I know you are tied up in knots with worry. These things are all just irritants adding to that. I'm sure we all understand and wish you the best.

Bee's Blog said...

Am with everything that Becky has said here. I hide people and if anything goes onto my own profile that I don't like I remove it.

We all do understand of course because we all shut down ourselves completely at times. You have far more important things impending but I do think it's a shame that one of the things you do enjoy has had to suffer because of insensitive so called friends.

heatherbelle said...

Oh dear, guilty as charged but in my defence I am fully aware that you don't appreciate these things on your wall..but I clicked something or other and it hit half my friends before I could stop the dam thing.
I mess around with facebook and leave anything important to say for my blog.
Anything I am sent which I don't want I just delete..
I find facebook a retreat from my more pressing troubles, a way to lose myself for a while..a place to be free of serious stuff.
By the same token I am generally sensitive enough to know which of my friends appreciate what and abide by their rules.
I hope I am forgiven.