Monday, December 14, 2009

Monday Morning Chat - Where has the time gone?

The holiday market wrapped up after Thanksgiving and time, with no clear direction, seemed to stretch ahead uncluttered with must do's. I think I am programmed by years of education which always provided this wonderful two to three week vacation at the end of the year. Real life is seldom like that these days even when you don't do Christmas. Well, there is the tree. That I do. But it is essentially done. Though I will collect new ornaments for it through the after Christmas sales.

My sister is working the holidays so she won't be up. But I have pet sitting gigs and am taking care of a house with guests coming and going there to orchestrate. And there is the 6th Anniversary of Artspace Gallery in Angel Fire to cater. Fortunately I am not part of the party set in Angel Fire so my festive requirements will end there. I have decided to forgo a holiday open house at the studio and concentrate on a spring opening instead.

But there are the end dregs of the lawsuit (keep your fingers crossed as the contractor from hell has not accepted his lawyer's engineered out yet) and research for my lobby efforts in Santa Fe in January to change the Mechanic Lien laws in New Mexico. And January is when selection for most of the shows in 2010 will happen and I need new images - ergo new paintings. And going to the gallery website for the url for the link alerted me to the fact my images are passe there which means they are likely in need of updating on my own website.

Is December just too busy for you too? Would you like to run and hide?


Recovering Teacher said...

I know what you mean about being programmed to expect that little end-of-year break. Having spent a majority of my life in education in one way or another, I still think in terms of school years. Makes it hard to get myself going during summer.

You're right that this part of the year seems to just get more hectic in real life. I'm not quite ready to hide, but I certainly understand why some animals hibernate.

I wish you well with your chores/projects/etc. Looking forward to seeing new paintings.

Becky Stauffer said...

Only one thing going on for me this December - my kitchen remodel. I've shopped for Christmas and delivered presents already. No tree or festivities at my house. I've attended a couple of parties. I wanted this year to be different from the past, and it has surely been that.

Best of luck with your busy schedule. It sounds exhausting. And most of all, best of luck finally settling that case with the contractor from hell.

heatherbelle said...

I think life should be full, even if exhausting and as we both know when you're laid up after accidents, we wish we could do it all...
This year has been out of the ordinary for me so I'm hoping that this time next year I'll be reporting about all that I have planned for the silly season and into the following New Year. I hope it's full and exhausting in the most pleasurable way.