Monday, December 28, 2009

Monday Morning Chat - Not Where I Thought I Would Be

The clock is ticking down to the final days, hours and minutes of 2009. I am always of a reflective mood this time of the year. And it occurs to me that this year I had really thought I would be further along than I am.  I wanted to have the lawsuit from the contractor-from-hell over and done (it has been more than two years now), and I wanted to be showing some in impressive income from my studio. But I think the economy got in the way on that last.

On the upside I survived 2009 financially. Just barely at times but I am still able to pay bills. I completed my Chapter 13 early which helped this fall. And I started a small pet and house sitting business which has added some extra income which I think will build. And I have had steady sales of art. The past year also included two Best of Show awards giving me a total of three within the last two years. Validation that I am on the correct tract with my art. And further validation was found in those clients which have purchased a second and third piece.

But I really wanted the mechanic's lien over with. My legal aid attorneys offered a settlement where no money changes hands but he has not snatched it up. There is a telephone hearing this morning on discovery. Hopefully the judge will just cut through all the crap and issue a summary judgment. Keep your fingers crossed. This lien has so handicapped me financially. And made it so I do not want to do any enhancement of my house even where there is only sweat equity involved.

I am still, however, developing plans for 2010. One cannot continue to live without hope and plans. Now if just those things I have no control over like the economy and the legal system and the weather will cooperate it could be a very rosy new year.

How was 2009 for you and do you have plans and hopes for 2010?

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Recovering Teacher said...

First, my congratulations to you on all your successes this past year. I know you will build on them in 2010.

I wish you well on the lien. I hope that this will be over soon, and decided strongly in your favor. I know you want to move ahead to dealing with the overall issue of how NM handles these.

My 2009 was very strange, with a lot of downs, but some ups as well. It saw the beginning of the end of my 28-year marriage, but also the beginning of finding myself. I had to sell my house and move in with my daughter and her family in a small apartment, but it gives me time to get back on my feet so I can get my own place in the summer.

I'm hoping that 2010 will have more ups than downs. We will have to wait to see.