Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Where did time go?

Alice went through the looking glass or down the hole following the White Rabbit and met all manner of creatures which wasted her time. She was suppose to be studying as her tutor directed. And I was suppose to be painting more paintings for the Holiday Market, and taking advantage of the wonderful weather to finish my fall chores before winter settles in.

But I followed the White Rabbit down the hole in time and discovered all sorts of diversions upon which to "waste my time." Mother would have said, "You need to focus." My teachers always had that little note on my report cards, "Does not use time wisely." Or "fails to pay attention in class." But I am a self-starter. I just sometimes start on the wrong things at the wrong time. I run with scissors.

I can look back at the last several days and remand myself for not applying my energies correctly. But I can also see that I really needed to run, skip and play. And there is one more day of play ahead of me - tomorrow's cooking class with friends in Taos. But it is also just two weeks before I set up for the Holiday Market and paintings are not done let alone framed. And Friday we are scheduled for a mix of rain and snow. Time to attend to the matters at hand and put my nose to the grindstone. Fortunately, I am good at playing catch up. I had to be since I always lagged behind studying rocks as others hiked ahead.

So do you pick a steady pace, keep to schedule, moderate your activities? Or do you like Alice follow a rabbit down a hole in time to find you are all so late?


Bee's Blog said...

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy!

It was time to play. One cannot always be constructive when there is no skipping and release from the 'have to dos'.

I'm good at catch up too - after I have procrastinated. Then I always wonder why I put something off.

heatherbelle said...

Oh Jacqui...the best laid plans...what can I say..even when you are organized, as I am more often than not, something crops up and puts it all in chaos.
Maybe some of us are not meant to travel a smooth path but will always find the rocks and crevices to walk on.