Monday, November 23, 2009

Monday Morning Chat Over Coffee - Guests Coming

Thanksgiving is this week in case you have not noticed or you live in a country other than the United States. I usually glide past this holiday madly preparing for the Holiday Market this weekend. But last year my sister and I with her husband and the jeep started a new Thanksgiving tradition - the slaughter of helpless conifers.

Our national forests sell tree hunting permits about this time every year. I am going over to pick up ours today at the Carson National Forest headquarters.  They are $5 to $15 a tree depending on how big you think you want and can tote back. Debbie and Alan are coming up Thanksgiving day for the the second annual evergreen sacrifice. Hey, it isn't as ungreen as it sounds. It helps thin the forests and lessen the fuel load for fires in the summer months. And it increases areas where grass can grow and elks can graze. Most that partake in this bounty are forest lovers. A lot of thought not only goes into selecting the trees but selecting them where they won't be missed and in fact benefit other trees around them. When forests get to think the trees get sick.

Dianne, my good friend of decades, is also coming up for the extended weekend. She is arriving on Wednesday to help me set up for the fair. And knowing Dianne, clean up for Alan and Debbie. So nice I have not rented the apartment and have it furnished with beds and chairs. It is my guest house at the moment. I will open the connecting doors so all can come and go.

But things remain to be done like clearing off the library table where Debbie sets her laptop while here. And my studio desk where Alan locates his laptop. And there is the kitchen table that serves as a laundry folding area. The folded laundry needs to move as this is the gaming area. Once all the art I am taking to the fair is out of the studio I am setting up a folding table there for the big meals.

I have the fair on Friday and Saturday and so we will likely do the search for the perfect trees on Thanksgiving afternoon while the bird roasts if it ever thaws. Does that 3-4 days in your refrigerator thing work for you? Wednesday it goes on the kitchen counter! Friday evening my tree will be decorated by all. It will be so much fun to get out the boxes of ornaments I lovingly stored last year. And I remember where this year!

What are your plans for this week?


RD said...

Your weekend all sounds like fun. Not a dull moment. Hope the faire goes well and lots of buyers not lookie loos. The tree selection sounds like a large event...what a good tradition to keep going. Ah, the bird. This is the first time I have such a large one...has been in the fridge...mmmm several days. Mine will hit the counter top very shortly I don't think this slow defrost works.
First coat of red paint on the walls. Will need a second. Yup, the other stuff looked awful.Don't think it will be habitable by T day but I'm shooting for Christmas. I've got a load of projects that must be finished. yesterday. God...I'm glad I'm not on a schedule like you are. At any rate I wish you loads of sales....lots of fun...wear warm boots. Cheers. Margaret.

heatherbelle said... all sounds like so much fun.
We don't celebrate Thanksgiving in Oz but it's added to my list of things to experience along with a white Christmas.