Monday, October 19, 2009

Monday Morning Chat - Winter Preparations

Almost two months ago I ordered three cords of firewood from my auto mechanic. He is very successful at fixing cars including mine but he is also one of those go-getters you find up here in the highlands that does other things to supplement his income. Selling firewood is one. And leading wild game hunts is another. Yesterday he called to say he had two cords of my wood. He wanted to deliver them before hunting guide season begins in earnest.

Couldn't have come at a better time. Weather is nice and soon to turn bad. So with some hard work I can get it stacked in my woodshed and under cover and behind locks before the rains come. This is my fall aerobics program. That and putting up/repairing snow fencing. The good news from my labors over the weekend is I seem to at last be hale and hearty. The flu I had this April/May (I truly believe it was H1N1) knocked me for a loop. The good news is I probably have a real good immunity for the coming flu season.

I helped unload the two cords of wood into a huge pile and then my neighbor, who also got firewood, and I went off to have a Chinese dinner. My other task for the weekend (besides the fencing on Saturday) was making myself an under-window bird feeder for the studio.

By removing the screen on the louvered window at bottom I can even feed the birdies without putting on snow boots this winter. And maybe even get some great photographs of my winter visitors if I keep the window clean.

I also collected some downed Ponderosa Pine Cones to make into fire starters but currently they are just too beautiful to burn and are decorating the wood stove while they dry and open up so they will hold more wax.

Needless to say they are very quickly going to have to move off the wood burning stove. The will be rolled in remains of candles melted down and then stored in a metal container for the winter of fires ahead. I do love this time of year even if it is a lot of work. There is a sense of accomplishment and well being with storing up for the winter. I suppose that is a hang over from our hunting and gathering, living in cave days.

How are your cave storage preparations coming?


Bee's Blog said...

If we have to go into cave storage mode here it's because of hurricanes which no Trinidadian will ever do because he believes God is a Trini and a hurricane would never hit this island. I would not put money on it because although we have been very lucky since I've been here (17 years) hurricanes have hit us in the past. Tobago is more likely to catch it although would never say 'never'.

The firewood truck reminds me of pioneering.

The birds are very lucky to have you and those pine cones are definitely far too beautiful to burn. You are going to have some around for Christmas, aren't you?

thebutler said...

I suppose I've been rather like the grasshopper as far as winter preparations go, but generally winters in northeast MS are much milder than yours. Thank goodness! But I imagine I would cope with whatever the elements threw my way just as you have learned...except I'm sure I would never be as able to do all the things you are. Because, quite simply, YOU are amazing dear friend!