Friday, October 16, 2009

Friday Foto and Chat

This is Eci in the sun in my studio. Eci is one of the two cats I got from my friend Kathi before she died. It has not been easy to integrate Eci and Lily into my household. They are Siamese if you please. And I already have one Siamese among my purr kids - The Darkness.

While Lily remains stuck to her upstairs self-imposed restrictions, Eci is now downstairs the majority of the day time. This does still result in fights over the primo sunspot chairs but all in all it is working better than I had hoped in the midst of this battle when I regreted taking them.

I tried an experiment with Lily of not filling her upstairs food bowl in a timely manner and she ventured downstairs to the "public" feeder. I am wondering about totally stopping her own private bowl. I do think Eci does go up there to feed too from time to time. And he sleeps upstairs with Lily.

It is so hard to know what to do with cats. And I got sidetracked with the dog issue there for a while. Any thoughts?


Catfish Tales said...

Cats tend to make their own rules and go their own way. I'm always astounded at the success of cat trainers. How on earth did they do it? It's been my experience that cats aren't stupid; rather, they just don't give a 'rat's ass' - LOL.

Bee's Blog said...

Cats - all cats, not just pedigrees - are difficult because they do what they want to do and that's it. I think it is virtually impossible to 'train' a cat.

You could try removing the personal feeder totally and see what happens. Trial and error could be the answer here but no cat is going to let herself/himself go hungry - you can count on that.

Cats are so like women - the difference being - they get it right!

Bee's Blog said...

You're approving comments on this page?

heatherbelle said...

Independent creatures with no regard for the feelings of others..thus is my experience with a lifetime of having cats.
I ador them and often it takes many months of gentle persuasion before they acknowledge your existence.
Siamese can be the ultimate in cat snobbery, a law unto themselves and very often tolerate only one person.