Sunday, September 27, 2009

Sunday Sumup for Last Sunday in September

I frankly cannot believe that September is almost gone. Which makes the year 2009 three fourths complete. I won't give you that stupid count down to Christmas. Fall is busy enough here without adding that in.

This week included two "required social events" to promote art in our northeastern section of New Mexico. For the last dozen years I have tried to explain to people I meet without mentioning the word Taos. It and Santa Fe were probably the two most recognized communities in New Mexico. At one time Taos had signs coming into it on major highways that proclaimed: Taos Soul of the Southwest. Well, if that was the case I thought it needed and exorcism and said so. The chamber of commerce there finally discontinued that slogan because of "associations."

It is not easy to present your community in a positive light that is remembered by all that visit. Angel Fire was for so long that upstart skiing resort for Texans. We did not even have a cementary. People that died here got buried "back home." That is changing. People have come and stayed and become committed to the "right" growth for the area. And I like to think I have had a significant impact in the growth and recognition of the art community here.

The regular gallery reception on Friday and the special reception for magazine writers last night have underscored those years of effort. And how far we have come. Angel Fire is now getting recognized for more than just skiing. Which, since I am an artist with a new open studio, is good.

It has otherwise been a quiet week. My sister and her husband did not make it up this week for four wheeling. And I have been delving through things to put into my Been There/Done That Art Garage Sale next weekend. It was a week that raised more questions than it provided answers. Somehow that, or the receptions, or fall has gotten me thinking back on the good old days. Which, of course, always requires a trip to YouTube. Found the following video you may enjoy if you are about my age. All those were the days.


RD said...

Loved the 'going back'. They were and are probably one of my favorite groups. Heck, I'm still here....where did they all go? I came across a photo of Lulu last nite...unrecognizable...she looked that good. Fall is a peculiar time of year for me. we don't have indian summer...we go right into some horrible gloom gap. Hard to get motivated.Smiles.

thebutler said...

Wow! Blast from the Past, indeed!
Thank YOU.

Catfish Tales said...

'It was a week that raised more questions than it provided answers.'

I can sum up my 2009 year with this quote!

Admittedly, I'd never heard of Angel Fire before knowing you. Taos was made popular by O'Keeffe, Nichols and Hopper! Still, it was just developing when I used to traipse through, loving it then because of its idyllic NM village like atmosphere and, of course, not being Santa Fe and Ojo Caliente. But that's what progress and time does to all our old and favourite haunts. What are we gonna do, eh? ;¬D