Monday, September 14, 2009

Monday Morning Chat - The Weekend

This adobe storage shed either is too small to store all inside or the owner has found an ideal solution to more storage space and holding down the roof at the same time. Even the kitchen sink is up there. This has been like my life this last few days - crammed to the roof with stuff.

But I have survived it. Or think I have. This morning I have a sore throat and feel rather punky so I am laying low. I have to open the studio today but don't expect any visitors. And I have three DVD's to watch after my sister and her husband take off this morning.

We had lots of rain this weekend while the Illusions exhibit was up. Probably factored in to the low numbers attending. But as frequent readers of my blog and friends on Facebook know I won best of show and my sister got honorable mention. And yesterday we breakfasted in town and people stopped by our table to congratulate us again. Then we went four wheeling and I took the picture of the innovative storage shed above.

This morning in addition to watching movies I have to do some laundry and re-assemble the kitchen. When you have guests and come and go from one event to the next the kitchen suffers. I had it pretty nicely dressed up earlier this week.

On the continuing issue of coffee makers: I have been using my Senseo maker (sister brought some pods up) and my espresso maker (went to store for espresso grind). I seem to drink less coffee. Later this week I may bounce into Taos to get a French Press.


bekkieann said...

Oh dear, I keep fighting the clutter lest my home become like that adobe hut. But isn't it charming when it's not ours?

Take care this week, Jacqui, sounds like you need some recovery time.

AVA said...

The idea of the French Press is a good one but I would have to have at least 4 of them going at the same time lol Believe it or not I still have a free coffee maker from Gevalia & their wonderful flavors of coffee shipped to your door uhhh depending on your shipping address (ok ok you can stop clapping now) xoxoxo

Bee's Blog said...

My home is an adobe hut!

Lie back and take 5. Enjoy the DVDs. Last week was tough and I don't like the sound of the sore throat.

Bee's Blog said...

BTW where do I come from on your flag counter????