Friday, May 29, 2009

Y360! was my first Blog

The news from Australia is that Yahoo has finally announced July as the date for closing Y!360. And has now hung a blog on Profiles which is where I am composing this.

The above photo is of a local wildflower. the Mountain Crocus, and one of the first to bloom here. I had to relocate my Flickr account to retrieve this. One of those many accounts I have not had time for of late. Back to being active there. But this foto seemed appropriate to launch a new beginning on Profiles.

As many of you know I have become quite active on Blogger with three blogs there: Sidetracked Charley, Travels with Charley and Creative Journey. And in the very near future I will be opening another - Chats with Charley as a "warehouse" for my old 360 blogs which Yahoo has promised to export and archive and also have available through Profiles.

I will not be moving to Multiply. Nor will I join just so I can comment on your content there. The burned me once and I will not go back. But I will maintain Profiles so you can make comments in Guest Book. And if you are a connection I will see where your updated blog content is and can visit.

The above is a copy of a blog on my Profile. Check it out there too so you can see what is happening. And if you are not currently a connection of mine and want to be leave a comment in my guestbook, or Twitter, or Facebook or one of my Blogger blogs.

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Catfish Tales said...

I'm right there with you, pouring you a cuppah, Jacqui, as I've so enjoyed getting to know you in our early Yahoo 360 days. I'm so P.O.'ed with Yahoo that I've just made a grand sweep of all my blogs and feeds there.

Muttley appears to share your low opinions of Multiply, as I rarely see his contributions to that forum anymore. Since you know that most of my active blogging experience remains on Multiply, I'll just have to make the excuse to stop by Blogspot more often. And now I have more than one good reason to do so! Cheers